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Our Team

We Love Beer!


Mike Heaton


Mike Heaton has been with TapTruck 2State since the beginning and has been voted "most likely to get the party started". There is no doubt that TapTruck 2State wouldn't exist without Mike's early vision and passion.


Brad Pond


Brad Pond keeps our company running smoothly by overseeing our day to day operations, including being "the mechanic" on duty. His favorite beer is bourbon, so he doesn't have to share.


Sarah Veraldi

Event Coordinator & Server

Sarah keeps the events smooth with her attention to detail and serves at many of our events. There is no doubt that TapTruck 2State would be completely different without Sarah.


Cory Keich

Logistics & Training

Cory started as a server for us at Harley Davidson events and has become a critical part of our success. He keeps us on our toes and wears many hats. As the first actual bar tender here he also ensures our training is consistent. His events experience and logistics mindset also ensures we put our best foot forward.


Madison Maynor


Madison is a regionally renowned beer aficionado. As a long time server with our friends at Boll Weevil, Madison has developed quite an impressive knowledge of craft beers and is eager to share. Come say hi to Madison at one of our events and discuss her favorite


Our Story

The Family business is Bootlegging

Owners Mike Heaton and Brad Pond met 12 years ago while working at the same emergency management software company. Both quickly realized they shared common bonds and interests.  Including being part of a brotherhood known as the United States Navy!  Fast forward a dozen years and you’ll find them both still working for emergency management software companies.  However, this time they are competing companies.  Don’t fret, they are both still connected in their little town in South Carolina where both families are friends and see each other at school, GreenJackets baseball games, little league baseball and the local swimming pool. They’ve remained friends and fans of each other through the years.
Motor City Mike hails from Detroit and brings the passion for beer, entertaining and a vast network to the business. Brad is a total car guy, serial entrepreneur and recent Citadel MBA graduate who knows all about launching new ventures. Combined they bring the right mix of talent, passion and network to TapTruck 2State where they serve Georgia and South Carolina from their prohibition era 1930 Chevrolet Delivery and 1951 GMC Pickup.

The Fleet

Fast Cars and Cold Beer


1930 Chevrolet Delivery

Engine: 194 Stovebolt-6

Manganese (Coolie) Blue with Black and Varnished Oak Interior. 194 Stovebolt Six paired with a 3 Speed Manual Transmission. Features include Original Front Bucket Seats, Varnished Oak Rear Floor, In Dash Fuel Gauge, Boyce Moto-Meter, Original Chevrolet Hydraulic Shocks, Left Side Mounted Spare, and Original Style Disc Wheels with Wide Whitewall tires. It drives like new! The hand painted Flower Shop Mural is the same as the one depicted in the original 1930 Sales Brochure! 

Harry was born in 1930. He is unique and is 1 of 5 known to still exist. Not a lot is known of his life until 2014 when he was sold at Mecum Monterey Auction. And then again into  collector hands and auctions at Barret-Jackson Scottsdale, and Barrett Jackson Vegas from 2015-2020. The value continuously rose from its original $650 price point in 1930 to $14000  in  2000’s and into the low $30,000s as of late through Mershon’s in Springfield, OH.

  •   Believed to be the only restored example by Vintage Chevrolet Club of America

  •   46 HP engine

  •   Body-off restoration

  •   Detailed chassis and engine compartment

  •   Rebuilt and refinished interior

  •   Chevrolet Blue with Black fenders

  •   Fischer body plate still in tact

  •   Junior award from Vintage Chevrolet Club of America

Why Harry

For starters, we wanted a name that would embody the 30’s.  We also wanted a name that was close to home and had meaning that resonated with us. The name Harry came about because Mike’s grandfather, Harry (Papa), who was born in the 30’s in the heart of Detroit, resembles a lot of the same values we do.  Harry shares the same bond of the United States Navy brotherhood that we do.  Operating with a high level of grit and tenacity, there was never something that could not be done with the right amount of elbow grease.  He is a firecracker of a man, and the life of every party.  He has worked hard for his family and plays just has hard to this very day.  A perfect tribute to a hell of a guy!

There are hard days ahead, but we will celebrate overcoming challenges with our celebratory toasts and the love and laughter of our family and friends. In the words Harry (Papa), “You know what I love about my life?  Every… Single…Thing”.


1930 Chevy Sedan Delivery


1951 GMC Truck


Beer Wall

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